What Was It

The gentle breeze corrupts the sun
A stormy night obstructs one’s love
Fallen into the arms of the stars, a forbidden smile spread across my face. His hearty laughter overpowering all and everything
True love is my destiny I realize

Wild eyes destined to make love to the supreme one who caressed my body.
Fragrance flowers prancing above my dreams
I yearn him, I need him
Memories of the soft endowed pillows, the bed sheets warm and crisp
His hands covering my whole breast, his lips moist with desperate fury
Elm top trees swaying, the peaches falling loose
My eyes closed with sanction, my hearted opened with love
Lightening suddenly bursting crackling with unknown terror

No, no, no, no, no, no
Were my lips imitating these words, was it a dream, was it reality?
To feel it slide within my body, the crimson tides died before the ocean
Salty tears gently rolled, to taste the sweat nearly made my sick
Corruption and loneliness hold together tightly almost bonded
broken, shattered glass splattered
Hot air fills my lungs as I gasp for breath

Was he corrupt?
thought he loved me
Was I lonely, thought I was happy

What was it?

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