New job, new day, new clothes

I wonder how thing will go

bright faces, fake smiles, curious minds

I know they are all wondering who I am and why I’m here

Im young, I’m brave, I’m confident

I wonder if that will all get me by

The stress, the fear, the anxiety to Impress everyone

Should I really care

Corner desk with no space, unfriendly girls who don’t talk

A toxic  culture that won’t change

Vindictive colleagues who often aren’t honest

Not a single day without mishap, judgement, or burden

Forget forward thinking for some. A who cares attitude for others

Amazing ideas, creative and innovative

But will we ever bring them all together

The whispers, echoes of nastiness, and undermining behaviors

I repeat, toxic culture

Smart, young and savvy, but get rid of that condescending attitude

Witty, talented and artful, but get your nose out of the air

Forgetful, unaware and inattentive

Is that who shall dictate my role and responsibilities

Politics, history and formalities

So vague, still need answers, what do I do

It’s all mounting so fast, in such little time

I want to succeed, I want to be passionate

i feel it in my heart, soul and mind

Just, somedays…

Do I really know if this is for me

I really remain unsure


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