Shanna’s my beauty, my breath, my life

Her playful eyes and wicked smile mesmering all

Soft skinned and pleasant all bundled into joy

Calm and bright as the ripened sun

She sees all that is pure and right

Her heart of gold clenches my soul

I ache with love and passion that she could never understand

I become one with shanna and she becomes me

I watch her find the world and explore the unexpected

I help her understand the unknown and the wrong

She shows me purity and clarity and sends me light

Her fire is my bright

Tender care and love is what we both need and want

She is my soulmate, my true partner in life

My creation is my faith and her life is my answered prayers

She will always watch over me as I over her

A chance we take, a risk we may fall I’ll never want again

I need to feel safe and secure and always be around for her

My shanna girl is my beauty

My sweet shanna is all I could ever ask for

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