Run Away

Temptations to seek, ambitions to leave
Confused, yet sure
Dictated with a state of bafflement, yet confirmed with the strands of truth
Visions created by a mastermind entertained with surreal yet realistic illusions
A mastermind suffering from deprivation of a breath of life
She needed an escape
An escape from herself
An eternity of desire to endure freeness, a longing to let go
Total control over destiny, forbidden from immorality and sin
As she sits in utter darkness all is still and motionless around her
The smell of sweet cherry pies baking in the oven lingers in the mist
Echo’s of deep laughter from the children playing in the yard seem so near
The voice of an angel calls out to her
The time has come to unravel the chaos
She runs her slender fingers through the softness of her chestnut strands
her hazelnut eyes disappear as her eyelids slowly become heavy
Her breath becomes deeper and faster, deeper and faster and finally eludes into the shadows of obscurity
A continuous autonomy surrounds her as she dances in a dream world
Her sanctuary has come to life
Just within a grasp it stands, but she’s so scared to reach
Then fate called out to her, daring her to catch and receive
But the voices began
Not a hoarse whisper this time, yet an unfathomable voice darkened with echoes of emptiness
Calling out to her, grabbing her soul
Louder and louder it gets, wailing through the skies
Hounding at her every essence
The images become faint
It seems so far, so distant
Could she ever unite with justice
Her head hung in misery, a teardrop trickle for insanity
She holds her head up and clinches her feet together
Running, running, running through empty tunnels, darkened allies, forbidden sights, unknown faces
Almost there, keep going she requests.
Her legs become weak and her body feels faint. It’s fading. She can’t see it anymore
Has he come for her
She reaches her hand out towards the brilliance beaming above
The serenity overcomes her
Her mahogany shaded skin becoming warmer and warmer as the brilliance comes closer
She could hear it
The soul wrenching rhythm of a hear throbbing beat gripping at her being
Feeding off her loneliness
She can feel the breath of a dull whisper
A freeness of energy touches her soul slowly releasing to her core
The delicate sounds of riverbanks flowing
The refreshing aroma of wintergreen pine
The soft wind riveting her body has engrossed her atmosphere
Exhilarating dreams of a short momentum
She held on to it and never let go
She left and never returned again

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