The leaves turn brown, the ground feels cold
The grass rots away and the dirt gets hard
Animals scatter about hopeless in their mission
Insects are on a rampage trying to escape tyranny
The warm beams of the sun pours life onto the dying daisies
Once was sweet smelling nectar arouses the fragrance of rotting fruit
The wind carries a distant melody that spits the lyrics of a sad harmony
Oak trees swaying searching for a resting place
Bunnies hopping slowly in pace
Burning wood and open flames free to explore the darkness
Twisted branches and broken twigs falling slowly
Shattered pieces of a whole world dictates a loneliness
Near end it feels, it smells and surrounds
buzzing bees and chirping birds all too quiet for a summers eve
Tormenting colors and destructive paths
Finish to a beginning, beginning of an end
Nature was here, nature is no more


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