Life as We Know It

The distant sky is a world to many
Forbidden to laugh, forbidden to cry
Some endure the anger , while others reject the happiness
Fortunes for our hearts, the ringing bells of sacrifice
Create a justice known to all
Our sanctuary is our soul, where light only sheds upon those who enter
The darkness creeps like a frightened mouse
The feverish chills becoming our bodies
Spring time flowers in an array of colors, far beyond the forest wind
Indian summers and pumpkin pies
The aroma like the scent of candy apple
The world as we know it, we see and hear

Daisy embroidered teacups neatly set on a plate, nut filled biscuits besides
The corner of his mouth filled with tiny crumbs and wet with the cinnamon teabags
The neighbors dog muddy beneath his paws, stomping his feet across the newly mowed lawn
His howling ghouls at the pigeons above
The white bottom baby running naked throughout the house
Red wine stains the beige carpet
Soaked into the mind like a bloody knife
Floating papers and musk dampens the puddles
filth covered cars splashing through the dirty waters
Through the nightmares, the dreams and wishes
There is nothing more to want
The world as we know, we see and hear

Stomachaches, chills and non-stop fright
The top of the buildings are all out of lights
Food stands empty and corner delis out of cigarettes
The desolate streets are filled with emptiness
No courts for players, no ice for drinkers
The band has stopped playing and the fortune tellers are out of lifelines
Breathing your last breath is too far away for some to think
But we know it’s near and only so far we have come
The world as we know, we see and hear

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